Ippos Club was “founded” in 2020, it is the largest equestrian club in northern Greece and the second largest club in Greece after the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Attica. The venue was reconstructed in 2022 and expanded to 151 acres!

The philosophy of the owner and athlete of the Ippos Club Anna Papageorgiou aims to the modern and better study for both the spectators in the recreational part and in the equestrian part, in racecourses, stables for the permanent horses of customers and for the guess horses for the races organized!

Having an all-weather indoor racecourse and three additional outdoor racecourses, a refreshment area with visual access to them creates a relaxing and pleasant place where you are left to captivated by the charm of the horses! The detail but also the beautiful aesthetics is what makes Ippos Club unique!

The Ippos Club houses the Equestrian Centre of Macedonia (I.K.E.M), an approved club of the Greek Equestrian Federation.

More than

just a Horse Club