Riding School

The Ippos Club aims to provide the right education to all its students!

Horse riding is a sport that you can learn regardless of your age! From 3 years old kids can ride on specially trained ponies to much older! It has been proven that horseback riding contributes a lot to a person’s better psychological state, as being around horses has a relaxing effect! It offers great physical exercise to the body and a special relationship is created between the rider and the horse!

The specially trained horses of the school, along with the well-trained coaches of the Ippos Club contribute to the proper information- training of students and then for anyone interested in the racing part, our coaches can offer their expert guidance!

The Ippos Club has an all-weather indoor racetrack which is next to the refreshment area and allows parents and friends to watch the athletes during their training.

For riding classes, call 6973200870